We’re a coalition of organizers creating solutions that allow everyone to thrive

The American working-class has always been stronger and more unified than we are led to believe. Our time to come together is now. While we stay nimble in our approach and tactics, the following are the core principles that guide our journey:


We’re not afraid of tackling the most difficult issues and calling out inequality and oppression.


We empower poor and working people from all walks of life to take action and stand up for themselves and their communities.


One step at a time, our goal is to achieve a future state of living and thriving, rather than the current painful surviving.


By fostering a sense of community and inclusion, we can heal and lift each other up.


The more we challenge our assumptions and focus on our most pressing issues, the more equipped we’ll be to drive meaningful change.


We build alongside anchor organizations

In order to build the largest multiracial working-class coalition in the United States, we’ll need to do it together. Get to know Unemployed Workers United’s anchor organizations below.

Get to know them


Neidi Dominguez

Executive Director

[email protected]

Neidi Dominguez (she/her) is the founding Executive Director of Unemployed Workers United. Neidi is a committed organizer, experienced campaigner, and visionary strategist in the immigrant rights and workers rights movements, and has been recognized as a Ford Global Fellow and an Aspen Job Quality Fellow for her leadership in the labor movement.

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Rosemarie Molina

Deputy Executive Director

Rosemarie Molina is the Deputy Executive Director at Unemployed Workers United. She was formerly the Organizing Director of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor (LA Fed) and Program Manager of the LA Fed’s Los Angeles Mutual Training Center.

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Claudia Magaña

Campaigns Director

[email protected]

Claudia Magaña is the Campaigns Director at Unemployed Workers United. She is a seasoned organizer and fierce advocate for worker rights.

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Lynn Hứa

Director of Digital Organizing

[email protected]

Lynn Hứa (she/her) is the Director of Digital Organizing, at Unemployed Workers United (UWU), the eldest daughter of Vietnamese refugees, and a movement activist at heart.

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Anahi Tapia Torres

Director of Field Organizing

[email protected]

Anahi is the Director of Field Organizing at Unemployed Workers United (UWU). Anahi was born in Mexico and raised in the Southside of Chicago.

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Belén Cid-Garcia

Director of Operations & HR

[email protected]

Belén Cid-Garcia (she/her) is the Director of Operations and HR of Unemployed Workers United, (UWU). Belen was born and raised in a small town in Michoacan, Mexico.

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Rey Wences

Communications Director

[email protected]

Reyna (Rey) Wences (they/them) is the Communications Director of UWU, born in Mexico City and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Rey grew up undocumented and became involved in community organizing after graduating high school.

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Caroline Picker

Development Director

[email protected]

Caroline Picker (she/her/hers) is the Development Director at Unemployed Workers United (UWU). She brings over a decade of experience mobilizing resources for migrant justice, queer liberation, and racial justice movement organizations.

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Jessica Bansal

Legal Director

[email protected]

Jessica Bansal (she/her) is the Legal Director of Unemployed Workers United. Before joining UWU, Jessica worked as Senior Staff Attorney at the ACLU of Southern California and Co-Legal Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network.

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José Méndez

Director of Finance and Operations

[email protected]

José Méndez [they/them] is the Director of Finance and Operations at Unemployed Workers United (UWU). Working in luxury retail management and hospitality for over a decade, José knows the value of organization, attention to detail, follow-thru, and communication.

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Kim Selig

Technology Director / Dep. Director of Digital Org

[email protected]

Kim Selig (she/her/hers) is the Deputy Director of Distributed Organizing at Unemployed Workers United (UWU). She was raised in a Union household, where she was taught early that workers’ rights were hard-fought and continuously challenged by political and economic opposition.

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All Staff

Yarely Aguirre

National Digital & Distributed Organizer

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Janyce Cardenas

Executive Assistant and NM Office Manager

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Sean Carter Villatoro

Data & Tools coordinator

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Erica England

Strategic Partnerships Coordinator

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Mauricio Escobar

National Digital Organizer

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Wacira Maina

Deputy Director of Communications

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Carla Naranjo

Campaign Coordinator

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Sebastian Del Portillo Estrada

Phoenix Field Organizer

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Mary Torres Cardona

Graphic Designer

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Anfernee Welch

Nashville Field Organizer

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Tanisha Williams

Social Media Coordinator

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Haley Zink

Volunteer Coordinator

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