Andraneice Dorsey

Andraneice Dorsey (she/her) is a Volunteer Coordinator for Unemployed Workers United. Representing the 901 (Memphis, TN area), she has a Bachelor’s in Sales/Marketing Management from Georgia State University/Jones International, a certificate in Digital Marketing Analytics from Generations USA and is currently studying Data Analytics virtually at Springboard. Coming from over 15 years of experience in Hospitality/Events Marketing, she has worked in every sector of retail and hospitality from field representative to management to coordinating and organizing events for profit and non-profit organizations.

Being a single mother of 2 children and having experienced workplace discrimination, sexism and chronic unemployment due to the pandemic, she places high importance on the need to serve others as well as the necessity to address the issues that plagues today’s society. She currently volunteers with several organizations locally in Memphis and is a community advocate for families/parents as well as the public school system.

[email protected]