Carla Naranjo

Carla Naranjo (she/her) is UWU’s Phoenix Strategic Partnerships Coordinator. Born and raised Arizonan, policy researcher, campaign fundraiser, and community organizer. With over four years of experience, she has worked at the grassroots level to work toward a future where every person is able to live with dignity and equal opportunity.

Carla's work is largely influenced by her upbringing in a small town as a first-generation Mexican American woman. As a student in Arizona public schools, she saw how our current political systems and institutions further oppressed and marginalized communities of color and immigrant families. She has expertise across a range of policy issues, including reproductive rights, housing justice, community wealth, and democracy work. Carla holds BAs in Political Science and Justice Studies with a Spanish minor from Arizona State University with summa cum laude honors.

When Carla is not movement building, she is playing guitar, tending to her plants, walking her dog, Romeo, and listening to music podcasts.