Claudia Magaña

Claudia Magaña is the Campaigns Director at Unemployed Workers United. She is a seasoned organizer and fierce advocate for worker rights. Raised in Los Angeles as the daughter of immigrants, her commitment to social justice stems from her personal history and understanding of the challenges faced by diverse communities. Her experience in union organizing, community mobilization, and strategic planning has been instrumental in driving transformational labor movements.

Claudia has empowered countless union leaders through tailored training programs and has spearheaded membership growth through multi-union organizing drives. As a strategist, she has made significant contributions to multiple organizing efforts, including the Los Angeles Amazon organizing campaign where she has been instrumental in local union campaign planning and execution. Her dedication to community mobilization shines through her organization and coordination of large actions such as picket lines, rallies, and marches. She notably mobilized over 100 unions in support of the 2019 UTLA strike and rallied over 700 union members into a volunteer corps for COVID-19 mutual aid programs.

Claudia's passion for organizing was ignited during her student years at the University of California, Santa Cruz in the midst of the 2008 recession. She led the University of California Student Association in fortifying relationships with labor and community organizations, while also expanding the association's coalition base. Her tenure culminated in the mobilization of over 10,000 students for a historic rally at the State capital, resulting in several victories for students, including a historic tuition freeze.

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