Daisy Lopez

Daisy Lopez (she/her) is an Administrative Assistant for Unemployed Workers United and lives in Pasadena, CA, where she was born and raised as a first generation Mexican-American. Having a single-mother of working-class status influenced Daisy’s belief that social barriers are human constructs, which are capable of being removed or changed with a rework in perspective. Fascinated by the science of reshaping the mind to positively impact behavior, Daisy earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UC Berkeley, where she researched the concepts of power dynamics. Following her undergraduate studies, Daisy worked directly with special needs children and advocated for foster care families as a behavioral interventionist and social worker, respectively. These experiences further enhanced Daisy’s awareness of the systemic inequalities that affect the educational, health, and financial needs of the most vulnerable populations in the country. Daisy has since been a firm believer that higher education, universal healthcare, and strong financial safety nets should be rights and resources that everyone should be able to willfully exercise and unashamedly access as they can ultimately improve the lives of not one, but all. Daisy has also worked as an administrative assistant in the academic setting, as well as in the private sector, and is currently working towards earning a Bachelor of Science in hopes of one day becoming an oncology nurse.