Haley Zink

Haley Zink is a Volunteer Coordinator for Unemployed Workers United. Haley found her love for distributed organizing on the Bernie 2016 Campaign. She’s always believed that all people deserve basic human rights - medicare for all, free education, and a healthy planet. As the child of returning students, and herself not having a college degree, education access is especially vital to Haley. As a volunteer for the 2016 Bernie Campaign, she co-ran a national volunteer team. From there, she co-founded Justice Democrats. Haley then joined the National Organizing Team for Bernie 2020 and ran the day-to-day operations of two national volunteer teams, plus side projects as needed. During the summer of 2020, she volunteered for Movement for Black Lives's Juneteenth Day of Action (producing 500 events in 2 weeks) and for the American Postal Workers Union’s Day of Action (producing 250 events in one week). From there, she took these rapid response skills to The Frontline as an organizer and project manager. Finally, before working at UWU, Haley graduated in the spring of 2022 from CUNY’s Union Semester Program with a certificate in Labor Studies. Haley specifically likes to take her distributed skills to pair them with on-the-ground action and facilitate rapid response and mass event mobilization.

When not working with Unemployed Workers United, you can find Haley at the rock climbing gym, on a hike, curled up with a book on a couch, or exploring your local art museum.