Latchmi Devi Gopal

Latchmi Devi Gopal is a National Digital Outreach Coordinator, rejoining the Unemployed Workers United team to shift political power by contributing to the Black Future’s Lab’s efforts to survey the most Black folks in this country, ever.

She is a first-generation Guyanese-American and native of The Bronx. She is a community organizer and campaign strategist who specializes in coalition development, electoral and grassroots issues training, scaling mass movements, and reimagining economic justice. She holds a degree in Political Science and Public Health from Boston University.

Her journey combating economic injustice began while working at Demos where she fought to raise the minimum wage and reduce student debt. She also worked for Open Society Foundations in the President’s Office, focusing on revamping international grant-giving and organizational collaboration. As the National Distributed Organizer for the Bernie 2020 Presidential Campaign, Latchmi created and executed a national canvassing program to mobilize thousands to vote. She first joined Unemployed Workers United when it launched in 2020 as the Director of Communications and Strategic Partnership. She chose to transition and run for NY City Council in her neighborhood, in the peak of COVID -19, when communities in The Bronx were disproportionately impacted by the health crisis.

Latchmi currently serves on the Associate Board of WHEDco, an organization dedicated to creating thriving families in The Bronx and is an active member of Rider’s Alliance which fights for Transit Justice for all NYers.

Throughout her life, Latchmi has prioritized creating spaces that are full of people-power and elevating stories that are too often silenced in order to encourage civic engagement and personal healing to create a more equitable and just world.

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