Lynn Hứa

Lynn Hứa is the Director of Digital Organizing at Unemployed Workers United (UWU), the eldest daughter of Vietnamese refugees, and a movement activist at heart. Growing up in a low-income, single-parent immigrant household significantly shaped her class consciousness and politics. She began organizing in her community when she was 19, volunteering in resource distribution and voter protection that focused on APIA and Latinx constituencies, non-traditional students, and low-income communities in Orange County, California.

Her passion for equity and justice has since steered her into a number of progressive electoral campaigns that advocate for systemic change that will serve the interests of working-class people. This work primarily involves mass-scale voter and volunteer engagement through distributed organizing, beginning with the Bernie 2016 Campaign into others like Justice Democrats.

She and her team on the Bernie 2020 Campaign built a program known as “Bernie Journey” mobilizing more than 10,000 specialized and door-knocking volunteers to key primary states. Since then, she has co-directed a pressure campaign that worked on pushing progressive platforms to the Democratic Party Platform and national mobilization efforts for the Movement For Black Lives.

She believes that by uplifting marginalized communities and empowering people, we can work together intentionally to dismantle status quos and create an equitable, intersectional, and sustainable world.

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