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Mauricio Escobar

Mauricio Escobar is a National Distributed Organizer at Unemployed Workers United (UWU). Born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California—Mauricio is no stranger to seeing the economic and social inequalities that face poor and low income communities. He is a firm believer of organizing, educating, and agitating working people to take action to improve the lives of not just themselves but to structurally change it for all working people.

His movement journey began as a digital and visual media storyteller where he bridged his knowledge of student journalism and social media outreach to push movement messaging / work forward. After handling digital and communication needs for UNITE HERE Local 11, Teamsters Port Division, AFSCME, and Los Angeles Coalition of County Unions—Mauricio moved on to online-to-field organizing as the Politics and Policy Organizer with United for Respect where he mobilized working people nationally during UFR’s inaugural Civic Engagement program for the 2020 General + GA Runoff Election Cycles.

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