Rosemarie Molina

Rosemarie Molina is the Deputy Executive Director at Unemployed Workers United. She was formerly the Organizing Director of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor (LA Fed) and Program Manager of the LA Fed’s Los Angeles Mutual Training Center. Rosemarie is an organizer and lead strategist for some of the most influential campaigns in the Los Angeles labor movement with a background in developing comprehensive campaigns that center and empower low-wage workers of color to build power in their workplaces and communities.

She has successfully led campaigns to organize workers in the underground economy, has transformed industry standards across the State of California through policy, and has created workforce development programs that build pipelines to union employment and erase employment barriers for marginalized people. She was the lead organizer for the Los Angeles Raise the Wage Campaign that increased the hourly minimum wage to $15 and created some of the strongest wage theft enforcement efforts in the country. Rosemarie is a mother and active member of her community with a passion for social justice and activism. She has a B.A. from UCLA in Global Studies and Sociology, and an M.A. in Labor and Community Studies from California State University, Dominguez Hills where she currently teaches Labor Studies.