Yarely Aguirre

Yarely Aguirre (she/her/ella) is the National Digital & Distributed Organizer for Unemployed Workers United. She has roots growing between Salvadorian, Dominican, and Mexican. She was raised by an independent, strong woman of color and learned how to be exactly that herself. She grew up being kind to others and loved to help people in her community.

Later on, she started high school and joined STUGO (Student Government), which was the start of her fighting for her school community. Later throughout the year, she met a person who changed her life by inviting her to volunteer at a local organization for community service hours. She realized then that her community was much bigger than her school grounds. She felt a tiny flame light up inside her the first day she volunteered, which ended up being love for the Movement. Proposition 206 was the first campaign that she was a part of, she later went to Voter Registration, then to “Basta Arpaio” and “Fight for 15,” and so on…

Since 2016, Yarely has been a part of this fight for liberation and equity. As of 2022, she has grown within the movement and is now a National Digital & Distributed Organizer and has a 4 year old daughter which she had as a Junior in high school. To sum up, Yarely started very young with the movement and progressed from a volunteer and now a National Digital & Distributed Organizer , which gave her the passion to support her community and do what she loves while having a child as a child herself.

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