As Amazon workers from New York to Alabama are demanding fair union elections, what has been the company’s response? Firing workers who have dared to show support for these unionization efforts. Terminating employees for supporting organizing efforts is textbook retaliation, intended to scare workers into submission. Workers at two warehouses in Staten Island have already held unionization votes while workers in Bessemer, Alabama are still fighting to win their union election from last year.

Retaliation is illegal but Amazon believes it is above the law. We can all play a key role in reminding these corporations they are not. We must keep voicing our support for these employees who have been brave enough to fight back. Take action now and show up for Amazon workers who have been illegally terminated.

EMAIL ✉ Amazon Board Members Dan Huttenlocher & Judy Mcgrath

Tell them: Retaliation shouldn’t be the plan. Reinstate these workers now!

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