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No Evictions NOW!

We are a collective of public housing residents, unhoused people, and tenants.

Dear Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer,

We write to respectfully urge the Senate to take immediate and bold action to protect renters and unhoused communities, prevent unprecedented displacement, and to guard against disastrous, 2008-style real estate speculation.

We must address the current coronavirus housing crisis, and set our country on a path towards a Homes Guarantee.

See what our collective long-term vision calls for, then join us by signing the letter below:


1. — Join our community workspace, Slack!

Slack is our virtual office where you'll receive updates from the campaign, meet fellow supporters, and get started volunteering with one of our teams through our digital community.

2. —Make calls and send emails to both President Biden & Senator Schumer!

A moratorium is NOT enough. We need universal rent and mortgage debt relief NOW. Click on the links below to make calls and send emails with pre-written scripts provided:

We delivered the White House AND the Senate. It’s time our political leaders delivered for US.

3. — Sign up for an upcoming Text Bank:

In Solidarity,

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