We demand that the United States Department of Labor (DOL) protects workers being fired for organizing by using Dislocated Worker Grants!

"Dislocated Worker Grants" are discretionary grants awarded by the Secretary of Labor to assist workers affected by emergencies of national significance or major economic dislocations. Past Labor Secretaries have established them to address national emergencies such as the opioid crisis and economic dislocations such as those caused by layoffs that affect 50 or more workers or otherwise have a significant community impact. 

Thousands of workers are currently organizing and striking to demand better working conditions all around the country — many of which have faced retaliation and termination for their efforts. Despite worker unrest, declining working conditions, and an impending recession, corporate profits continue to reach historic highs. Workers are organizing in record numbers and corporations are responding to worker calls to action by firing workers, closing stores and otherwise undermining their right to organize. Employer retaliation against workers for reporting labor law violations and organizing unions is both a national emergency and the source of major economic dislocation.

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Worker Supporter Map

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