We’re building a multiracial mass movement of poor and working-class people.

There is no going back to “normal”, because normal was simply not working for most of us.

Unemployed Workers United is a multiracial and multigenerational movement dedicated and committed to creating an economy and society that respects all working people, their families and their communities. We believe that we need systemic change to create new economic structures that ensure decent and dignified lives for the majority of us in the United States.

By coming together, uniting our skills, powers and dreams we know that we can ensure employers, local governments and state governments to respond with real systemic changes to the issues of unemployment and excluded workers as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and towards a just economic recuperation that accounts for the well being of all of us not just the banks or the 1%.

Join the largest poor and working-class led movement fighting for a new "normal" that restores our dignity and guarantees education, quality healthcare, safety, and income security.

Let's unite our powers!