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We are in a moment that will define who our nation is post-Trump and shape the new economic era in the United States. Members of Congress are heading home for Congress's spring recess, and they need to hear from us now! It’s time for Congress to urgently deliver green jobs, care jobs, justice, green infrastructure, climate solutions, Indigenous tribal sovereignty, and real democracy for all of our people.

Socially distanced events will take place in person and online throughout recess (March 29 to April 11) when we'll urge Congress to pass a transformational economic recovery package that addresses climate, care, jobs, and justice.

Join us for Recovery Recess on March 31 - April 11!

The PRO-Act, Thrive Act, and the Breathe Act steps in the right direction for just transitions into this new economic era. With workers confident they are protected while exercising their right to unionize, demand quality green jobs, have steps to reduce nationally structured police brutality, our communities are positioned better to organize and build power.

Unemployed Workers United believes that we need legislation that:

  • Protects workers on the job
  • Creates quality jobs that positively impact our planet
  • Takes police state violence seriously
  • Reduces our wealth income gap.

We demand a recovery that works for all of us. We have a once-in-a-generation chance for Congress to pass a package of transformational economic recovery, rebuilding, and infrastructure legislation. Congress has the ability to put 15 million people to work in good, family sustaining climate jobs and care jobs, delivering real climate solutions, and advancing racial, Indigenous, gender, and economic justice.

Take additional actions below:

1. — Join the UWU Facebook Group:

  • Join our private UWU Facebook Group where you can join our virtual community and stay up to date with all the news! This is a space to spark conversation and connect with each other during this tough time.

2. — Know someone unemployed by COVID-19?

  • Share the UWU Survey with everyone you know and help by surveying your friends and family members! Joblessness may not be a long-term identity for people, but for millions of people who have lost their livelihoods in such an abrupt time, this moment has generated a set of shared experiences during the crisis that forms the necessary connection for shared political action.

We want to hear from you, share your story.