Jazmine Williams

Jazmine is a National Digital Outreach Coordinator. She is Jamaican-African American, descendant of slaves, born and raised in Florida. She attended the University of Central Florida and earned a BS in Psychology, while minoring in Anthropology and earning a certificate in Gender Studies. Concurrent with her studies, Jazmine also worked as the inaugural Peer Specialist Intern at Peer Support Space Inc, working to support LGBTQIA+ adults and youths in Central Florida. She has also worked as an Individual Peer Supporter for Peer Support Space Inc, providing comradery to those who needed inclusive space and fellowship. Combining her advocacy work with her passion for change, Jazmine was selected to be a Campaign DigiDem and was deployed to Chris Pappas’ congressional campaign in New Hampshire’s first district. She is hopeful that all of her experiences, both professional and lived, empower her to empower others as a National Digital Outreach Coordinator.

[email protected]