Nicole Hale

Born and raised in the southwest, Nic (she/her) has spent the last decade of her life involved in social justice movements in Arizona. Her upbringing shapes her politics and drive to organize. Nic grew up witnessing firsthand the consequences of living in a society that responds to mental illness, trauma, and addiction with cages instead of care. Consequently, she is fiercely committed to reminding people of our interconnectedness, uprooting systems that criminalize or throw people away, and building a new world centered around people, not profit.

Nic most recently served as the Research and Policy Director for a Councilmember where she was part of a successful effort to introduce civilian oversight of police. Before her time in local government, Nic participated in multiple electoral and issue-based campaigns. She led a successful union campaign as a hotel worker, organized direct actions with Fight for $15, built teams of young people that registered over 8,000 people to vote, and helped mobilize the vote against Sheriff Arpaio. She co-founded Mass Liberation AZ, a grassroots organization dedicated to decarcerate and divest from the criminal legal system. Nic is also a political educator and has developed programs to help deepen the political analysis of volunteers. Nic now works as a Volunteer Coordinator with Unemployed Workers United. When not organizing, you can find Nic reading science fiction, studying astrology, crafting, hiking, daydreaming, dancing, and seeking out adventures with loved ones.

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